Diversity Interview By Integrating A Classmate Essay

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I decided to complete the Diversity Interview by utilizing a classmate that I have worked with on several occasions. The work we performed together has always been professional; we have never had discussions that delved deep into each other’s backgrounds. This person is of the opposite sex and is visibly a different ethnic group from myself. I am an American- African male and she is an American – Mexican/Irish. This interview is being done in order for me to understand what it is like to be in her “skin”. During the interview I asked questions about ethnicity, race, gender, and socioeconomic status. The person I interviewed moved around often, but was born in Montclair, CA. She stated that it was fairly peaceful growing up in the area that she lived in. Having the opportunity to go outside and play with children from different backgrounds was a great experience, but it was mostly kids of Latin decent. The interviewee then moved from Montclair , CA to Ontario , CA when she was 5 years old. The move was not a problem for her because she moved to another area that was predominately kids of Latin decent , whom she got along with very well. Moving to Glendora, CA for elementary school was where she had the opportunity to interact with a more diverse group of peers. She was a mixed child and so often received questions about what she was, referring to her ethnic background. The interviewee visibly looks like she is of European decent but associated with students who were Latino,
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