Diversity and Multicultural Competence

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Interpersonal Effectiveness Diversity and Multicultural Competence Since Bobby is Hispanic, comes from a poor upbringing, did not finish his education, and is unable to hold a job as an adult; treatment must be dealt with according to his ethics and culture. Information found under the APA Guidelines, Policy Statements, and Resolutions the discussion of proper procedure in ethnic background treatment and diversity (APA, 2010). The recommendation of a Hispanic psychologist will only assist in allowing Bobby to open up to treatment. The cultural similarities will assist in Bobby understanding that his parent’s life style was not appropriate; and if he continues on the same path he will not change the cycle that has caused him so much pain. Any language difference would be more accommodated with a Hispanic psychologist (APA, 2010). At this time Bobby has been able to correspond on an pragmatic level of English that was understandable. The treatment plan laid out for Bobby under Research and Evaluation allows for civil commitment. This will give Bobby time to gain control of the substance abuse and take control of the trauma from his past. The Hispanic intervention will allow for a more comforting environment. This part is important because Bobby suffered from abuse and neglect from his parents (Zalta, et al., 2014). His desire was to please his mother, no matter her requests. Although he now understands that instead of his parent’s protection he was abused and left

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