Diversity in the Hispanic Culture

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Diversity in the Hispanic Culture

Diversity in the Hispanic Culture
The Hispanic community accounts for the largest minority in the United States. The United States Census Bureau reported as of July 2006, the percentage of Hispanics in the nation had grown to 15. This percentage excludes the 3.9 million Puerto Ricans whom call America their home. This number puts the United States ranking third worldwide for largest Hispanic populations, with Mexico and Colombia holding the first and second ranking respectively (Pew Hispanic Center, 2009). The Hispanic community is diverse in itself, although non-Hispanics may have panethnic views of the group as simply Latino or Hispanic, this group is made up of Mexican Americans, Puerto
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Cubans are in line with the Hispanic average at 52% marriage rate; however, Foreign-born Cubans maintain a marriage rate of 57%.
Political Views
The last 30 years has brought the change of major political parties acknowledging the Hispanic population as a strong force in the election process. The race between Senator Obama and Senator McCain launched the first smear campaign ever shown on Spanish television ads. The irony is

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