Diverty And Poverty In Mexico

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It can be easy to shun away those who are less fortunate than us. Especially if those don’t reside in the same country, or live in a country that has been stereotyped as being drug infested with hoodlums running rampant. Mexico, a country that has been a hot topic in politics time and time again seems to be very quiet about its economic situation, specifically how poor its people are. Yet while ignorance is a bliss, it can’t hide the fact that Mexico is number 1 in poverty rate in the world, and is going nowhere fast. Mexico is a relatively large country when it comes to population. The average country has around 34 million citizens whereas Mexico has 127.5 million as of 2016. Being 3.75 times larger than the average, there is room to have more poverty than other countries. Except that doesn’t excuse having the highest poverty rate, so what’s the issue? To start out, there are a staggering 55.3 million people living in poverty (Buitre, 2016). That’s 43% of the entire population who are poor. And yet on the other side, there are 16 billionaires in Mexico and 145,000 millionaires. That’s an incredibly small percent (0.1%), and one that makes one think about how fortunate those people (plus their families) really are. It’s inconceivable. So why can’t people stop being poor? Shouldn’t they just work harder and stop being lazy? A fair point, and while it may apply to some, it can’t apply to all. A writer for the Huffington post came from these poor roots, and wrote about how

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