Divorce And Its Effects On The Psychosocial Domain

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Couples make the decision to have a divorce after realizing that their marriage is no longer healthy, and in order to restore their happiness they decide to end the marriage. Although the individuals mutually agree that this is the best decision long term it can also lead to an accumulation of negative effects. These negative effects will impact every individual that is associated with the divorce, which can include the parents, children, family members, and friends. The occurrence of a divorce can impact the psychosocial, cognitive, and physical domain of each individual associated, cause various long term effects, and lead to remarriage.
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In regard to their children both parents may personally believe that the divorce is breaking up their family. Depending on the custody decisions that are put in place the time spent with each parent will be impacted. This transformation may cause one parent to be unsatisfied, which can cause more conflict between both parents. However, the text book argues on page 259, that the divorce will not be as negatively impacting to the children if the parents collaborate and both remain involved in the child’s life. This is why joint custody is usually a better option for the children. Overall each parent will be likely to be in mourning and experience disappointment, hurt, outrage.
Divorce will also impact the psychosocial domain of children and adolescents. The end of a marriage can cause economic problems, which can lead to their children being forced to move houses, schools, and even stop participating in sports. The abundance of changes can be depressing being that they may no longer have the ability to participate in activities that they once loved along spending time with friends that they were close to. The PowerPoint proclaims that social losses in the lives of the adults and children can be a result of divorce, which can be upsetting to their friends. In Piaget’s Cognitive Domain Theory, the preoperational stage is focused on children between the ages

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