Divorce and Well-Being: An Annotated Bibliography

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Annotated Bibliography Amato, Paul R. "The Consequences of Divorce for Adults and Children." Journal of Marriage and the Family 62.4 (2000): 1269-87. This article talks about divorce-stress-adjustment perspective. The article review draws on research that goes all the way back to the 1990s and it basically answers the following questions: What factors mediate the effects of divorce on individual adjustment? Are these differences due to divorce or to selection? How do individuals from married and divorced families differ in well-being? Do these differences reflect a temporary crisis to which most people gradually adapt or stable life strains that persist more or less indefinitely? Anne-Rigt Poortman and Judith A. Seltzer. "Parents' Expectations about Childrearing After Divorce: Does Anticipating Difficulty Deter Divorce?" Journal of Marriage and Family 69.1 (2007): 254-69. This article talks about how the divorce is expensive for parents for the reason that of the tests of meeting children's economic and socioemotional needs after separation. The article used the National Survey of Families and Households (N = 1,935), and they were discovering whether probable economic and parenting costs had anything to do with divorce. This article was helpful because the author examined that mothers were the ones that expected higher financial costs than fathers, while fathers are the ones that expect more parenting difficulties. Chun, Young-Ju, and Tae-Hong Sohn. "Determinants
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