Divorce Is A Normative Event

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Marriage is the legally or formally recognized union of two people as partners in a personal relationship, usually a man and a woman. When we think of marriage we usually think of a man and a woman with children living happily ever after. Sometimes this is not the case in some marriages around the world. Usually there is some struggle and difficulties in marriages that could end in divorce. According to Weaver (2014), “In today’s world, divorce is a normative event, affecting approximately half of all marriages in the United States (U.S. Census Bureau, 2004.)” (p.39) This is quite a large number of divorces considering that there is millions of people that live in the United States. Divorce is not always the easiest solution when ending a …show more content…

One theory that researchers conducted an experiment in which there was a sample of children with divorced parents and a controlled sample of children in married families. Researchers examined the difference between the two to see if there was anything different in both samples. The whole idea was to see if children in the different groups reacted or behaved differently whether their parents were together or apart. In the study, the researchers established that children with divorced parents did in fact have behavioral problems, inside and out. Researchers also found that even years after the divorce it is still affecting the children involved. This stressor is the effect that divorce has on the children of the married couple who is getting divorced. This effect is ultimately high in most cases, which makes sense. Divorce impacts a lot of people in this world, and while people are divorcing left and right, they don’t take the time to see how it affects their children. The way this stressor can affect families is that the children that are in the middle sometimes have no say in what is going to happen. The stress that divorce has on children reflects in their actions and the way the act towards a certain parent. In some cases, children chose a side which results in the other parent feeling like a failure causing them to become stress about that. The behavioral problem that affects the children results

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