Dizzee Rascal Analysis Of Grime

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Politics: Estates / Urban Planning: Human societies occupy various regions of the earth, information and encounters are traded within all of these societies, but humans do much more than trade information; the space they are located in becomes part of a wider spatial order in which the people within that space are located into their own spatial form. Grime culture arose from council estates within London and people within council estates will be located with a greater degree of separation, dense within their own grouping but sparsely connected to the rest of the world.(reference 27 social logic of space) Alongside being physically separated from outer-estate life, council estates have become something of a class-symbol, a psycho-socio bruise given by …show more content…

It is from this thought process in which Dizzee Rascal aptly named his first album, Boy In Da Corner; eloquently incubating the feeling of claustrophobia simply within the title. Literature has already been published laying the foundations on the fact that Grime is a purely ethnographical form, this has always been the case since its emergence in the early 00’s and the aforementioned Boy In Da Corner release “depict[ing] a bleak world, devoid of aspiration: no one in their right minds would want to live there.” (reference page 7 my quotes) It is this fact that no-one wanted to live there which Grime artists used to their advantage, constantly writing lyrics about events which happened only within this dystopian- architectural landscape, dystopian being the keyword within that previous sentence as this is the terminology in which the architecture creates for itself, coming indefinitely before the people within

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