Dna Evidence And Its Repercussions

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We will examine the importance of DNA in the conviction of Tommie Lee Andrews and the significance of this decision in the United States Judicial System. We will discuss an overview of some of the essential elements in conducting utilizing this DNA evidence and its repercussions. This case signified the first time in the United Sates that DNA evidence was actually admissible in court proceedings during a criminal trial. In 1986, in a neighborhood around the Orlando, Florida area a series of violent rapes had the city on edge. One of the victim 's names was Nancy Hodge, who was brutally raped at knifepoint by her attacker. She only briefly saw the attacker and was not able to immediately identify him due to his hands having covered her …show more content…

Due to the brief period that Hodge had been allowed to see her attacker, the prosecution felt that stronger evidence was needed to prove a connection. The brief 6-second glimpse that the victim Nancy Hodge obtained during her ordeal wasn’t considered viable enough for trial purposes (Lewis). This relatively new forensic investigation technic involving the use of DNA fingerprinting was in its infancy and was pioneered by a British scientist might hold the answer to convicting the rapist.
Because the mistrial of Andrews caught the prosecution off guard due to not having appropriate information or statistics of its viability, a new plan was needed. The prosecution felt that a stronger case against Andrews was needed to proceed in court. The prosecutor contacted a colleague familiar with principles of the DNA evidence in England for guidance. He then contacted a company in New York used to develop methods of DNA profiling or fingerprinting for assistance.
Once the results of testing were completed in this case, it positively matched two of the six rapes being investigated. The problems associated with this technology were that no real national database that was established or in place for complete comparison, and the since the technology was considered being fairly new it would require it to go through an

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