Dna Evidence And The Phone Records

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Most of the evidence gathered in this case seems to be circumstantial. There is no direct evidence, which is ultimately why the charges were dismissed against Pape and Smith, along with the legal issues during the proceedings. The most important piece of evidence has to be the DNA evidence and the phone records. DNA evidence was found connecting Smith to the scene. A business card was near a wheelbarrow that Becky, one of the victims, was found dead in that had DNA matching Smith’s. Also, the business card was for a Catholic ministry, a church Pape’s mother volunteered at. This could not have been a coincidence because the likelihood of a random match is very slim. This DNA evidence was the only forensic evidence found at the time of the scene. However, phone records, shoeprints, and bullets, casings, and shotgun shells found at the scene were also very important circumstantial evidence that eventually lead to the indictment and arresting of Pape and Smith. After the three bodies were found, an FBI special agent noticed a handful of phone calls between Becky Friedli, Pape, Smith, and other acquaintances. A testimony from Friedli’s cousin showed that Friedli had planned to meet Pape to talk about an apparent harassment incident that happened between Friedli and Pape. Although the phone records had no recordings of the conversations, they showed conflict in the stories Pape and Smith offered about that night. Both men stated that they headed north to Cathedral City, but pings

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