Do Cell Phones Really Connect Us More with Society?

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History is full of examples of new products or technologies that initially come out in stores with such potential, but have some negative consequences. Cell phones to many people are one of the greatest invention to mankind, but to others they are nothing more than a nuisance. Some people believe that phones now-a-days give people the opportunity to connect with others more, yet some say that these phones are making us more disconnect than ever from society. The smart phones of today are capable of doing so much, such as: calling people without touching the phone, sending a text message without touching the phone, surfing the internet, etc. For the most part, it is the younger generations who appreciate the technology we have today, and the older folk do not understand how to use them so they do not like them nearly as much. The younger population considers them to be very useful, from the more complex tasks such as when you need to look something up very quickly, all the way down to the simple task of writing down the grocery list. Although many say that cell phones help us keep in touch with people and stay connected, in reality they are isolating us more than ever now. The use of mobile phones has tremendously increased as have the concerns of overuse of this technology. Some people will say that they cannot live without their cell phones, and that their phones are in their hands every second that they are awake. I personally think that this is absurd; we are awake for
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