Are Cell Phones Useful Essay

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Saud Al Angari Ms. Shaver English III, Pd. 8 19 November 2015 Are Cell Phones Useful? Today, many people get hurt in various ways because of cell phones, so does that make them useful? Today cell phones are one of the most used things in this world. A study shows, “81 percent of Americans admitted to talking on a cell phone while driving” (Saletan). This shows that there is a true threat to other drivers who do not use their phones while driving. People may not only die because of cell phones, but some may get hurt or get disabled for the rest of their life. Cell phones should not be used because they cause deaths or get people hurt in various ways and not using them in wrong situations would make this world better. Cell phones should …show more content…

This demonstrates that cell phones cause deaths in various ways. To demonstrate, cell phones not only cause the death of drivers, but they are also a threat to pedestrians; if a person walks using his/her cell phone and does not look at the road; they could get hurt or even die. This indicates that everyone on the road is in danger by others who use cell phones in wrong situations. This shows why cell phones are not useful. To sum up, cell phones should not be used because they cause deaths or get people hurt in various ways, though there are people that think it is useful. While many people say that cell phones are useful, their flaws outweigh their benefits. For example, people may think that using their cell phone while driving a car or train is normal, but what they do not know that it causes deaths, “25 people died and 130 were injured in a train crash near Los Angles. The cause,apparently, was a cell phone” (Saletan). Cell phones cause deaths in trains, just like how it causes deaths in cars. This shows why cell phones are not good as some people may think they are. Nowadays people say that cell phones are a way to communicate, but in reality they are decreasing the interaction between people by using text messages instead of face-to-face conversations. Today, face-to-face conversations are needed instead of text messages, so the interaction between people increases. Cell phones should not be overused and

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