Do I Make Money Or Does Money Make Me?

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One common thread or underlying theme that can be distinguished from units 1, 4 and 7 is that they all question the traditional perception of “more money, more problems” and its relationship to happiness. In fact, each reading combined thoroughly proves how crucial of a role money makes regarding overall life evaluation, religion, material satisfaction and emotional well-being. All readings effectively dissolve the stigma that penetrates the classic religious attitude towards money and its significant role in life, happiness, and spirituality. All arguments and theories mentioned in each reading uses quantitative data for reference. Such as demographic and behavioural data, statistics about income and surveys, among many more research methods. Unit 1 ‘Do I Make Money or Does Money Make Me?’ includes two readings titled 1. ‘Moneygrams: Recalled Childhood Memories about Money and Adult Money Pathology’ by Adrian Furnham, Ph.D, Sophie von Stumm, Ph.D. and Rebecca Milner, BSc.Hons. The second reading is titled, ‘Poverty and Mental Health: A Quantitative Study of Residential Care Facility Tenants’ by Robert D Wilson Ph.D. The main reading in this unit that actively demonstrates the power that money has on an individual’s overall life evaluation is ‘Poverty and Mental Health: A Quantitative Study of Residential Care Facility Tenants. ‘Poverty has grave implications for people’s health, education, social relations and social inclusion. This reading focuses on the

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