Do Not Fall On Love With The Stocks You Want About Your Own Research And Findings

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Be cynical of your own research and findings. Do not fall in love with the stocks you want to invest in. people who fall in love with stocks often find themselves investing more than they can afford. Sadly, if you have fallen in love with a penny stock, it often means you have been manipulated. Somebody either on the Internet or in real life has convinced you that you are going to make money with this company or that its share price is going to go up soon. Somebody has manipulated you, so you need to take a step back, become more cynical, and do more research. A Word On Researching With A Negative Bias If you find yourself falling in love with a company or certain penny stocks, then start what a negative bias research. Instead of…show more content…
Type of investor - Cautious with medium term goals This investor may worry about risk, so will invest in blue-chip and large-cap companies that offer dividends and that show a consistent performance. Type of investor - Aggressive with medium term goals This investor will want to keep investment for a medium term, which is roughly two-to-five years. The investor may make large investments in small and medium-cap stock to take as much advantage of any growth as possible. Type of investor - Short Term goal orientated With short-term goals, such as saving money for holidays and such, with goals that are set within just one or two years, it is not wise to invest in shares. Unless your plan is to become a speculator, you will be better off with a 1 or 2 year bonds, CDs and/or savings accounts. Growth Investing And Being Pushed You should not be pushed into buying shares. It will not solve your money worries, so do not look to it for answers to your credit card debt. Also, your stockbroker and/or advisors may not have the same goals as you. Sometimes a more moderate rate of growth or a preservation of wealth is better than aggressive growth. Appreciation is known as capital gain. It is the process of your share price going up. If it goes up from $1 to $3, then it has appreciated by $2. You cannot be sure which stocks are going to grow and which are not. If you want to see real growth,

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