Do Not Let History Repeat?

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Do Not Let History Repeat America needs to try a new strategy of war for once. We have become so worried about other countries that we have forgotten to take care of the problems we have inside of our own country. We have proven to not be effective at Fourth Generation wars. We continue to train other armies who do not do as good of a job as they should, and then we have to come in and try to fix the problem. William Lind says that the answer is to “isolate ourselves from the spreading stateless disorder and Fourth Generation war not only in the Middle East but wherever it appears. The real danger to us is not Fourth Generation war there, but its spread here. We need to act forcefully to prevent its importation by immigrants and refugees. We should be equally forceful in combating homegrown disorder, which is best done by again enabling the state to guarantee the safety of persons and property. While we carry on a war with ISIS, the American state cannot maintain order a thousand yards from the U.S. Capitol after nightfall. Once no one in this country needs to employ private security, then perhaps we can think of charging windmills in Castile.” (Lind) Lind also says that we can learn from history that the odds are against us. The state is not what it used to be. The state is supposed to protect its people and its land, and they have not been doing that. (Lind) The states are diminishing even quicker in the Middle East because most of the states were not real from the…
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