Do Nuclear Weapons Prevent A War?

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Do Nuclear weapon prevent a war? Dose possessing of nuclear weapons offset conventional force imbalance and deter military threat?

The historian Spencer Weart notes "You say 'nuclear bomb ' and everybody immediately thinks of the end of the world" The escalation of nuclear proliferation in around the world, especially in the Middle East led to the fear of nuclear war in near future. Many countries built a nuclear weapon because it felt insecure from the major nuclear states or from their neighbors conventional military or nuclear capabilities such as China, India and Pakistan. Many reasons that encourage additional countries to seek nuclear weapons, but the main reason for acquiring nuclear weapons is the deterrence against any external threat and prevent external offensive that might lead to war. Nuclear weapon makes such countries feel more secure. As a result of that, more than 30 countries have the capability to build nuclear weapons (Sagan, 1999)The nuclear weapon can prevent the war because countries has nuclear weapons the ability to deter any external aggression at the same time there is no guarantee that acquiring nuclear weapons may led to nuclear war .

US open the nuclear world race when she started the Manhattan project to acquire a nuclear bomb. The Manhattans project established in 19]]]]]]]]] as a secret project to build and produce a nuclear bomb in the US. The US has succeeded to build the first American nuclear bomb in 1945. Unfortunately, US used

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