Do Tattoos Make A Mark On More Than Just Your Skin?

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Do tattoos make a mark on more than just your skin?


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Introduction The fundamental focus of my topic is the discrimination and prejudice experienced by individuals who have tattoos on their body. My hypothesis “Do tattoos make a mark on more than just your skin?” signifies the growing concern within today’s society towards equality and the elements of fear. This topic was developed from as I recently got a tattoo and the evolving negative stigma associated with it and my own concerns of discrimination in the future. To fully understand the current attitudes towards tattoos it is also important to investigate the societal perceptions over the …show more content…

I investigated my topic using a variety of primary research and secondary research methodologies; a questionnaire with open and closed ended questions was completed by participants from a variety of ages and different genders to measure a public opinion, three in-depth interviews assisted me to gain a better understanding of the personal opinions of specific individuals, participant observation within a tattoo studio environment, personal refection to express my passionate concerns regarding my hypothesis and Internet research. By utilising questionnaires I was able to obtain a large cohort of various different opinions from varying groups within society which allowed me to gain a better understanding of the public’s perception. The three interviews I conducted provided me with a detailed insight into the positive and negative perceptions of my topic from two different genders, three age groups and social status. The three individual’s responses provided me with credible information regarding their concerns and experiences revolving around discrimination against tattoos within society and an understanding of their own personal beliefs and attitudes towards my hypothesis statement. My participant observation served as an important primary research method in order to support my personal interest project. By being in a tattoo

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