Do Vaccines Cause Autism?

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Emily Peters
Kiera Ball
6 May 2015
Do Vaccines Cause Autism? Contrary to popular belief, autism is the result of a specific genetic mutation where it makes the person diagnosed have an inability to interact with others. According to Kavin Senapathy, Validating “the fact that GMOs and vaccines don’t cause autism, scientists have now linked mutations in over a hundred genes to autism in two recent studies published in Nature…” … “about 30 percent of those found in these studies occurred either within the sperm or egg cell from which the baby was conceived, or early in embryonic development. In conjunction with inherited variants, these mutations appear to contribute to causing the more severe, lower IQ autism symptoms on the ASD spectrum. Higher-functioning autism seems to be influenced by inherited variants. Notably, many disease-causing mutations are recessive, meaning that a child must inherit two defective copies, one from each parent. Interestingly, autistic individuals with any of six of the strongest causal variants were only inherited a defective copy from one parent” (Senapathy). A large percentage of individuals believe that there is a direct link between vaccinations and autism, but with hundreds of studies pointing the other direction, it is easy to see that there is no link between the two. One thing that causes the most arguments with vaccines and autism is a specific ingredient. A large group of anti-vaccine supporters say that there is a specific…
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