Do You Know What You Want To Pursue When You Are Older?

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Do you know what you want to pursue when you are older? Where do you expect to be in five years? What are your aspirations? Questions like these are not always answered; many people, especially high schoolers, tend to be mortified when family members start prying into their plans. Several high schoolers answer back with an unsure response. Little do they know, they have a wide span of resources within school that they fail to take advantage of. This includes guidance counselors. People rarely get to see what guidance counselors go through in order to help the young, the meek, and even the bold achieve their biggest dreams.
Once I had received the conformation email that my interview with Mrs. Johnson was approved, I was ecstatic and …show more content…

With one glance, anybody can tell that Mrs. Johnson is a loyal and responsible character. She is lean with medium height, chestnut-hair, and she has observant chocolate eyes. Her wardrobe consisted of a silk cerulean blouse with a black cotton cardigan, dark khakis, and florescent rosy dress shoes. As she introduced herself to me, her face lit-up in a wide beam showcasing her significant dimples. Her excitement radiated off of her and into my body, causing me to be excited for the day. After she finished buzzing around the room trying to get everything she needed for the day together, she sat down with a bounce to discuss her lifelong career with me. Mrs. Johnson proved to be incredibly easy to talk to with her soft and calming tone that could lull you to sleep in no time. As a guidance counselor, she is responsible for various activities throughout the day. She helps middle and high school students figure out what courses they should take or what they want to explore as a career. She also uses academic tests to determine whether or not a child needs more educational support. She reviews extensive curriculum and assessment data in order to determine where students are struggling, as well as where they could use that extra assistance. She oversees online registration for students taking online courses for credit recovery or enrichment purposes, and this is another major part of her day. She states that there are many other “little things” that she does apart from

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