Do that Protestantism and Chinese Go Well Together>

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Many scholars today think that Protestantism and Chinese go well together. In a way both of these cultures intertwine nicely. Protestant Christianity in China now has some distinctly Chinese elements within it. The Bible is a great example of this. In the Gospel of John the first verse talks about the word of God. The Chinese translation for word is “Dao”, Dao being the same Dao of Daosim. This word is distinctly Chinese. Chinese Society and Christian Society are also similar. Confucianism also plays a large role in Chinese Protestantism. Confucianism was a school of thought in ancient China. It helped people live their lives in China by instructing individuals on what to do. In Chinese Protestantism, the Chinese like to use the Bible as a means to differentiate right from wrong. Instead of putting their emphasis on believing that Jesus Christ died for their sins and rose from the dead they focus mainly on his teachings. All religions in China have been more a way to live life rather than solely dedicating everything to a higher being. Hymns in China are very specific as well. In the past China just translated English songs into Chinese. Today however many Chinese are writing their own hymns. Some of these hymns are becoming very popular and are sung throughout China. Lu Xiaomin is a particular woman that is writing Chinese Hymns today. This native to Taiwan is using the Chinese pentatonic scale to write her songs. This along with the distinct Chinese

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