Do the Media Encourage Terrorism?? Essay

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2 SEP 2002
There has been a lot of thought put into finding a more effective way to build intelligence efforts to make a stronger product for decisions of national security. The use of the media and worldwide reporters can be used in the effort to build more information on the intelligence products, but the usage will be limited. It is not very likely that the government of Pakistan will sponsor a column disclosing a list of nuclear assets every week, or that the Irish Republican Army will endorse a schedule of events for next weeks offensive maneuvers; but it is likely that many countries in the free world will encourage the disclosure of movements and known associations of terrorists. The same type …show more content…

In many cases the television and newspaper crews serve to work directly against American militia organizations. Americans do not like to see fellow citizens die at the hands of a terrorist, especially by an American terrorist. Timothy McVeigh, probably unknowingly, helped in decreasing the number of American terrorist (Grosscup, 117). McVeigh's act, bombing the Murrah building in Oklahoma City, was seen as so repulsive that many law-abiding people attracted to militias simply walked away. The majority of Americans didn't want to be associated with anything like the killing of 168 Americans, even though McVeigh had only attended a few militia meetings. The media coverage for the bombing in 1995 gave the American public the education needed to assess what was going on in the militant organizations across the United States. The education of American citizens is an invaluable tool that is channeled through the media for the benefit of all citizens. With the help of the media, the people get all of the facts and are able to form their own opinion about what is going on, who is responsible for events, and how future events can be avoided. Explaining how future events can be avoided is beneficial if the government is planning on implementing new policies to thwart future events. The intelligence gathering process often uses the media to gain information that, by law, agents are not authorized or not able to get to. During the Gulf War against Suddam Hussein, the

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