Doctor Strange Vs. Dr. Strange

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“Canada, we’ve come to bargain!” Is likely something he might say to our foe as my right-hand man. Yes, my 2nd in command will be none other than Doctor Strange, the marvel magician, who is impeccably powerful. Doctor Strange is the right man for the job because he has control of time, has powerful magic abilities, and a good sense of humor and knowledge beyond our comprehension. Doctor Strange is my choice for 2nd in command first because of his time warping capabilities. I will begin by explaining how he has the power to control time. Doctor strange wields one of 6 infinity stones which are said to be made by cosmic entities and each controls one of the aspects of the universe, Space, Reality, Power, Mind, Soul, and Time. By wielding the time stone he has essentially total control of time. He Can use this ability to his advantage in the same way that he did when fighting Dormammu, in which if he wants to prevent death he can set a time loop and ask Canada to surrender until they agree. Or if he doesn’t want to that he can just de-age them all into children. Overall, no matter what style of warfare America want’s to use Strange can use his infinity stone to defeat Canada without breaking a sweat. “What if he loses his …show more content…

He holds the title of sorcerer supreme, meaning he is the most powerful magician in the world. He can use these powers in helpful ways in the Canadian war, like teleporting the battle to a location with less civilian. Putting the Canadians in a small realm that does not affect the real world, and much more. Just about anything you need him to do he can. From something as small as stopping bullets, to something gargantuan like stopping a missile from hitting its target, he can do it. And on top of this, he still has magical items such as his cape. Which can protect him even if he were to lose consciousness or have trouble using his magical

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