Documentary Summary: Not For Sale

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The documentary Not For Sale had a slightly hopeful tone as it dealt with various organizations that seek to help victims of human trafficking. It laid the foundation of the problem by discussing how human trafficking is a multi-billion dollar and rapidly growing industry, and how half of its victims are children. Despite the sheer scale of this problem, many organizations worldwide work hard to fight trafficking and help victims in various ways. For example, Night Light helps victims of sex trafficking in Thailand and other regions by teaching them to make jewelry and helping them sell it. The Polaris Project in the US influences laws to motivate legal and governmental efforts to counter trafficking. Regina Pacis in Italy provides shelter and …show more content…

The fact that half of the slaves in the world are children shows the scale at which traffickers exploit the vulnerability of youth. It also shows how many children deserving of care and guidance are left to fend for themselves because of poverty, conflicts, or other factors out of their control. There is a disturbing lack of assistance and support for the millions of children who need it. None of the organizations shown in the documentary were specifically focused on helping children, something that is clearly needed in many regions of the world. However, the organizations that were shown employed effective tactics for helping victims. For example, the making of jewelry in Thailand by former sex trafficking victims is successful because it allows them to take control over what they are doing and begin to feel proud and productive. One of the women said she went from being ashamed to holding her head high. A major factor of recovery that Night Light focuses on is the psychological healing that must occur in order for victims to truly come back from the terribly experiences they faced. The aftermath of trafficking is a complex and multifaceted issue that

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