Failure of Environmental Conferences in Addressing the Issue of Environmental Decline

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Living in a world where there is no guarantee of a safe tomorrow, where every breath we take is toxic and every morsel of food we eat is filled with pesticide, protecting and saving mother earth should top our to-do list. But sadly, this is the least of our concerns. We are at the tipping point, on the verge when we cannot go back and rectify our mistakes and if we delay any further, it’s going to be too late. There are questions we need to ask ourselves and the governments from time to time: Are our governments doing enough to protect our green? Are they pitching in enough money to save our environment? And if they are, is all the money put to its rightful use? Better coordination between governments and proper funding is required to …show more content…

Who knows if we are next in line? The Copenhagen Climate Change Conference (2009) is yet another example that adds to the legacy of unsuccessful environmental conferences. This conference ended in failure and recrimination. Its purpose was to discuss and effectively combat the issue of ‘rising temperatures’. 45,000 travelled, in the hope of being a part of a deal that would "save the world", but the conference failed miserably to reach a conclusion on any legal agreement to stop rising temperatures. In the Copenhagen summit, everyone talked but no one listened. Everyone was concerned about presenting clauses and resolution pertaining to their specific country and did not come up to a conclusion, which addressed the issue of combating rising temperatures in a general context. Several countries like China sought to be independent and wanted a unilateral approach to this issue. Bearing in mind that China is the largest manufacturing station and the fact that they host a large population, it becomes more important that China accedes to sign a resolution so that the UN can keep a check on its environmental standards. The climate change has apparent effects on the environment. Extreme weather changes, like rainfall, droughts, floods are becoming more intense and frequent. The concentration of harmful ozone, which is an air pollutant in the atmosphere, is on the rise. This aggravates asthma

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