Dodie Clark's Secrets For The Mad, By Dodie Clark

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One out of every five people will struggle with a medical mental illness in their lifetime. Author Dodie Clark is on of the many who struggle with mental illness. Dodie suffers from anxiety, depression, and depersonalization. Depersonalization is when a person feels like they are living in a dream, Dodie Clark says, “it’s like being drunk all the time.”(CLark 53) Dodie recounts her life and things to come, along with how to deal with mental illness in her book Secrets For the Mad. The reason I believe teens should read Dodie clark’s book is because, Dodie never sugarcoats what it's like to live with depression and suicidal thoughts, she also shows teens how other people in the world also struggle with mental illness and she tells them where…show more content…
Between each chapter dodie writes a poem or song about the thing that the chapter was about, after a chapter about her depersonalization she wrote a song called “Dear Happy”. One of the lines reads “ Would you mind staying? It’s getting late,but I will visit you soon so try just to get through, And I’ll be waiting for you until we meet again.” (Clark 61) Dodie shows her young readers how they can turn their thoughts into art instead of destruction. Dodie could have self-harmed when her depression got to much for her to handle, but instead she decided to write songs and poems expressing her emotions.Dodie is a good role model in this way because it takes a lot of effort when she was in her darkest time to make art, but she burned her way through to being happy again. Teens could see this and believe there is a non harmful way to get their emotions out, and instead of hurting themselves or others they decide to go and write their feelings. This is why I believe teens should read Dodie clarks Secrets For the…show more content…
Dodie never tries to hide the effects of depressions and depersonalization when writing, She writes in detail about everything she goes through a with no filter, so people who may not have these struggles can understand what having a mental illness can be like. Dodie also helps teens who are struggling with mental illness by writing about how many people have a mental illness, and that they shouldn't feel alone because people are there for them. And the last reason i want people to read Dodie clark’s Secrets For the Mad is that dodie shows how you can turn your dark thoughts into art, so people won't hurt themselves or others. Dodie writes about a sensitive issue than many people face today, and she does so in a way that people who are going through mental illness can relate to and people who don't can
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