Does Geography Affect The Civilization Of Papua New Guinea

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In the 60s there was a lot of life changing inventions like the first commercial satellite being sent into space, the first robot was made to help companies. But Papua New Guinea is still hunting with stone weapons. These people are way behind were a lot of countries were in developing the country. If we go back a few thousand years ago, Papua New Guinea was still behind other civilizations. They didn’t have things that other civilizations had. This is inequality which means that the world is unequal. And what makes is more unequal is that geography controls it. Geography controls what crops people can grow, what animals can be domesticated. With animals they can give them time to have specialists to experiment with stuff. And also with those…show more content…
Its geography. Geography controls climate and climate controls what foods people can grow. What foods people can grow impacts a civilization a lot, some can’t even have food for a week. They can be a civilization like the Fertile Crescent with wheat and they harvest it easy to do other things. Or be like Papua New Guinea constantly working for food and can’t do much else than that. The Fertile Crescent is in the Middle East and there they live in a semiarid area which means it's dry but still get seasonal rain. And so their main food source is wheat. Wheat is a great food, it can be stored for several years and it’s high in protein. So when people go to harvest it it won’t take a long time. With the extra time they have, they can have specialists to experiment with things like steel. Over the years they learned to farm so they have more than enough food and even more time. But Papua New Guinea can’t do that. They live in the tropics so they can’t grow the same thing as the Fertile Crescent. One of their main food sources is Sago. Sago is a tree that takes a few days to harvest. First cut it down with stone tools, hollow it out, take the pulp of the inside of the tree and make it into a paste that has hardly any protein. It can’t be stored for a long time and the process of getting the tree cut down uses more calories than the food provides. So the people of Papua New Guinea are constantly working for food and they are a hunter gather civilization so they are on the move following their food.. Wheat and Sago are two completely two different foods. One takes a couple of minutes, the other takes a couple of days. So with Wheat the people of the Fertile Crescent have plenty of time to invent more or new tools. Papua New Guinea can’t invent stuff, plus they are on the move a lot of the time. Their a hunter and gatherer civilization. This leads to inequality in the world. Some
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