Does God Exist?

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Does God exist? There is no evidence that any god exist, so I assume that there isn’t one. I do not believe in a heaven or a hell! Although, I wonder where did we come from? Where will we end up after death? Will we rot underneath the soil? There are over twenty different religions with answers; some similar, some different but overall, majority of them are bias. Bias, because none of them are proven. In today’s society, we humans have adapted through evolutions by using our surroundings such like animals knowing our needs and wants with the use of reason instead of religion. There is no set religion in this world to live by: nature acts on its own. The ambition that human-being strives for has three main purposes reason, consideration, and courage. Each religion has their own stories that are oral traditions passed down from generation to generation. Where are the facts? Humans want to know the truth of the world we populate, and not supernatural details. Like science as well as philosophy, humans study and practice to increase our knowledge on our world. There are many religions based on race, creed, ethnicity, and other characteristics not considering that all humans share the same moral rights. You may call me atheist. However, I believe in the truth as secular humanism believes in reasoning. The word humanism has a number of meanings, and because authors and speakers often don't clarify which meaning they intend, those trying to explain humanism can easily become a

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