Does Higher Education Grant a Successful Career to Urban Women of India?

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I have been exposed to more feminist and gender theories more than ever before. I wish to work with women and gender issues in my future career as a development professional. I was awestruck at the different ideas that I was exposed to. This study has given me a deeper understanding as to what I wish to pursue later in life. I now know what I am interested in feminist as well as gender theories; at least a basic idea of this has been instilled in me through this study.

Apart from this basic introduction to this field, I have come to learn the major issue in this sphere. I have come to realise that education is one of the key factors that can change people’s lives, clichéd as it sounds. This idea is echoed through the …show more content…

It would give me a better understand of the issue of the girl child and further education.

I have come to realise that misunderstanding and confusion are a part of the field. Something that looks incredibly simple for you might not be the same for the person who is answering your questions. The background that the person comes from always makes them perceive things slightly differently than you do. Took a few things for granted for instance the idea of household heads, it was clear to me, but my respondents seemed a little lost. They had started to believe that the concept of household head was a joint position held amongst both their parents and not just one of them. The Akshara directory had technically put up most details but the girls might to might not believe that. In such cases I was confused what idea to accept. Eventually I kept both categories. This simple idea helped me to understand the complexity of the argument. This idea was brought about in the report by Ramaprasad Rajaram that stated that though the NSS data considered the household head as only a technicality but these are other implications too. (Rajaram 2009)
Challenges and limitations
My lack of knowledge of Marathi proved a good challenge. I lost quite a bit of technical details in the process of translation at times. Interactions with the Marathi speaking would have been more fruitful had I known to communicate biter in the language too.

I have noted

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