Does Knowledge Promote Danger?

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Matthew Young
10 April 2015
Does Knowledge Promote Danger?
In Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, Victor says, “knowledge is dangerous.” Generally you don’t hear people say such things let alone would believe that. As for Victor his want for knowledge of the elixir of life and the philosopher stone brought him to these words. He created a monster and regrets having known how to do that; therefore, we wonder if this stays true today. Sadly, history has proven knowledge does promote danger because of the unknowns, actions, and results of knowledge causing harm.
In these current times everyone finds it normal for a doctor to prescribe medications, but people seem to neglect reading the side effects. Despite knowing certain drugs have killed people, we still have them available. Philippa Roxby from highlights “before any new medicine can be given to patients, detailed information about how it works and how safe it is must be collected”. They must see how safe the drug is, yet drugs still have death listed as warning. Fox News indicates “The number of deaths and serious injuries from prescription and over-the-counter drugs climbed from 34,966 to 84,842 during the study of reports to the Food and Drug Administration. The question is why does death still occur even though these drugs went through tests? Since death happens so rarely they allow these drugs to stay around and approved without finding more out about why it kills. The problem stems from the…
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