Does Music Influence Us?

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Can Music really influence you? We live in a world where we listen to music frequently because we are surrounded by it constantly therefore hard to avoid. If we do not wish to see something we close our eyes and if we don’t wish to hear something we cover our ears but it does not block the sound completely. [3] We hear music in stores, restaurants, in our cars, in our houses, and with our headphones. I believe music can influence everyone but up to a certain degree. There has been many research as to how music can affect a human being but they…show more content…
With that in mind it is safe to say that music itself is not a primary cause for human behavior. Music does not influence bad decisions but it reflects them. Music can influence the way someone dresses. If they listen to rap they can tend to dress in baggy pants, big t-shirts, tattoos, and 3 feet chains. Teenagers use music as an escape from reality, but the media and parents blame it for teens problems. The teenagers depend on parents and if they aren’t there for their children then what they might be doing something to get attention from their parents. Growing up in the ghettos, or in a violent household can affect the mind far more than music.[1] In addition music can also influence emotions because music is feelings put into words. In songs that fit what we have been through in our lives we tend to have that Ohhh-they-know-exactly-how-I-feel feeling along with memories. When a song comes on and it makes you remember the person you loved so much is not in your life anymore, or remind you that time, that day, that you went on a roadtrip with your friends, that is music influencing emotions within you. In scary movies we know that something bad is about to happen to the guy because the music if full of tension and you can see it coming. If they were to take the music out it wouldn’t nearly be as scary because we can simply close our eyes and not see it. Since scary movies have music they we more likely to be scared because we can not close our ears
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