Dissonant Music

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Music has been enjoyed for centuries by people of different cultures, languages, and religions. It is used for general enjoyment, as an outlet for relaxation, and as an auditory distraction from the stressors of daily living. There has been extensive research focusing on the various types and attributes of music, and on the types of participants that researchers have studied. Dobbs, Furnham, & McClelland (2010) found that music can be distracting to a person when they are trying to study for an important exam. There has also been research that found that when the therapeutic values of music are applied to those suffering from pain or disease, that music is very beneficial as it releases endorphins and chemicals in the brain that …show more content…

He found that if the material to be remembered was sang in a rhythmic pattern, rather than spoken or studied by the participant, that the participant would do better on recalling the information, and that music majors performed significantly better than non- music majors on digit recall. Bonin and Smilek (2015), studied the effects of harmonic or consonant music versus enharmonic or dissonant music. Consonant music is pleasing to the ears, while dissonant music is unpleasant and irritating. It can be almost painful to the trained ear. They examined whether dissonant music had a greater negative effect than consonant music on response times. The results of their findings suggest that even though participants were instructed to respond to the cognitive stimuli as quickly as possible, they were unable to ignore the dissonant music, making their response times considerably slower than in the other test …show more content…

In our study, we want to find out if people perform better on a memory recall task when listening to their preferred genre of music as opposed to their least preferred genre. We hypothesize that participants who listen to their preferred music genre will remember more correct information about what they read in the paragraphs condition as well as recall more words than those who receive the nonpreferred music genre. We also believe that our silence group will do better than both the preferred and non-preferred music

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