Does Okonkwo Like His Father

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A sympathetic person can be whom identifies care and, if not necessarily admire. Sympathetic and Unsympathetic can be anyone and in this case i am going to talking a Okonkwo and how he has sympathy towards his family. Okonkwo sympathy will reflection how he treats his family and how he gets along with them. In Okonkwo case we will be talking about how he did not like his father Unoka and what he would do and also his third wife Ojiugo and how she would miss unattend his children. Okonkwo would treat them like if the weren't anyone to him. Okonkwo did not like his father's decisions and had really no patience for him. ”He had no patience with his father”. “ If any money came his way, and it seldom did, he immediately bought gourds of palm-wine”.

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