Does Participating in Sports Help Reduce the Levels of Stress in College Students?

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Introduction In the world many people are sad and depressed and just don’t feel the need to do anything at all other than sulk and wish they were dead, this is not the way someone should live. There should be some way to take someone out of this depressive state or to keep someone from ever reaching it but what? The answer is organized sports and their ability to kick start hormones in the body and allow for a new sense of happiness within the body. To find out the depression levels of the participants and see if physical activity effects all participants with different levels of depression or only participates of low levels of depression, we will use a beck depression scale to test the levels of the participants throughout the study. This is important because it will help to bring about a new way to keep a large amount of people away from depression because we know the effects of physical activity on society in order keep depression at a controllable rate. Purpose of the Study The purpose of my study to find out if participating in sports helps to reduce the levels of depression in college students. I am hoping to find out if there is a relationship between playing a sport and controlled levels of depression in college students, so that depression can be controlled and monitored in an inexpensive way. This will lead up to the need for physical activity throughout grade school years in hopes to keep depression to a minimum no matter what age or demographics. People should

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