Does Social Media Use Digital Activism?

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Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social networking sites from the internet may look like just another platform to post pictures on, to share the things a person has done, or to connect to friends and families by the usage of messenger applications. However, these are not the only activities that can be done by utilizing the power of the social media and the internet. The mode of communication and interaction between the people all over the globe are now significantly being transformed by social media technologies (Edosomwan et al., 2011). These technologies have also paved the way to a different form of activism which is digital activism. Digital activism describes activities or practices that are in-depth, which compasses all social and a political practice that use digital networks, and exclusive, where it excludes practices that do not utilize digital networks (Joyce, 2010). This form of activism is an effective platform to reach and inform more people on different issues that the world is experiencing, at a larger scale. With the help of the different social media technologies, numerous uprisings have been successful because of the …show more content…

An uprising brought by the racial inequality in Ferguson, Missouri had garnered worldwide media coverage, and this had helped to bring public awareness on the issues surrounding the unjust treatment of the police, and racial discrimination. The utilization of the protesters of social media technologies has been a big help in the organization of the protests, and has helped open the eyes of all the people in the world. Black Lives Matter is an international movement against the racial inequality towards African-Americans, and this movement had started from a simple hashtag in the social networking site, Twitter (Bonilla & Rosa, 2015). This shows how digital activism had helped in garnering offline

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