Does Suicide Ever Worth It To Die For A Cause?

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There is an oft-quoted line from Martin Luther King Jr. (though potentially misattributed), which proclaims the worth of passion. “If a man has not discovered something that he will die for, he isn't fit to live.” This line came to mind multiple times as I watched the films for this week’s class. I found myself asking is it ever worth it to die for a cause? Does martyrdom have impact? Is suicide ever impactful enough as a political statement where it might be considered worthwhile? If absolving yourself of complacency guilt worthwhile enough? Is any action better than passivity?
For the film Swing Kids Julie and Kelly assigned a perspective shadow, and my designated character was Arvid. I paid careful attention to his story and felt myself walking in his shoes. His determination to resist reminded me of a story I’ve told before about a psychological “Trolley Problem” once presented to me by a professor. In this …show more content…

The boys believe they are willing to fight to their country. Their ultimate death “for the fatherland” seems far more senseless. While the first film provoked questions about the individual evaluation of death for cause, this film left me wondering about national assessments of worthwhile deaths. While the parents and teacher of these boys worried about them as individuals, the nation viewed the boys as part of a greater whole, and therefore their deaths were part of some larger German vision, untainted by individual loss of life. The film was painful to watch. It seemed fitting that I watched it after visiting Arlington Cemetery this past weekend, and was made somber by the unending white waves of grace stones marking the names of young men barely older than those shown in the film. The sight left me humbled and appalled. It seems, to me, so senseless. Some conflicts we’ve justified in popular history, others we have not, yet here these men and women lie, equal in

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