Does Technology Help Children Help Or Hinder Their Social Development?

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Summary of the research question and outcome My guiding question for the research project was, “Does the use of technology to entertain children help or hinder their social development?” My interest in this topic was triggered by the previous research project that was carried out in year 10. That project had a lot to do with human health and the factors that affect that, so I decided to explore that in further depth using a different topic. Technology is becoming an increasingly more central aspect of people’s lives and hence it is an issue in society. I wanted to explore this topic and gain knowledge, which could then be used to share with others who are concerned about the problem. My research was carried out mostly through secondary sources from the Internet and a primary source, which was an observation. The key findings from my research were gathered and presented in the form of a report. In the report it was substantiated that my research question wasn’t fully answered, and the effect tablets/smartphones has on brain development were the main findings. Tablets/smartphones have a significant impact on children’s health and can lead to many physical, psychological and behaviour disorders. Evaluation of research processes and decisions made in response to challenges and opportunities The research processes that I used were both primary sources and secondary sources. My primary source was the observation of children in a social environment to determine whether changes of
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