Dog Contest Essay

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The Dog Contest

“Jewl!” gasped Jane, as she ran through the hot, dry prairie. There had been no rain for weeks, and the temperature rarely dropped below thirty degrees, even at night.
Ruff! answered Jewl, coming suddenly up behind Jane.
Jane turned around and moaned, for the dog was a sight to behold, covered in dust, with brown leaves all over her. “Oh, Jewl!” sighed Jane, as she led her dog back to the house.
Jane was a tall girl, with thick glasses and long, brown hair, which kept getting in her way as she bathed her dog, Jewl, a small golden retriever.
The next day, Jane trained her dog for the dog contest, which was going to be a fire contest. The dogs had to jump through a ring of fire, get an object on the other side, and carry
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When they got there, Jewl cowered in her kennel at the sight of the flaming rings the dogs were required to jump through. In ten minutes, the judges announced that the contest would start.
Jane, with much struggling, managed to get her dog out of her kennel and up on the platform. She saw her parents in the audience, and then turned her attention to the ring of fire and Jewl. Jane tried to coax her dog to jump through the ring, but the dog would not move, and when Jane tried to touch her, the dog bit her. Finally, the judge told her that her time was up. Jane, fighting back tears, led Jewl off the platform.
When the dog contest was over, people began to file out of the building. They suddenly came back in again, for there was a small prairie fire just outside the door. Jewl, who was on a leash, suddenly broke free and ran to the head of the line. Jane, screaming, ran after her and caught the dog just before she got outside. Jewl barked and several more dogs came to the front of the line. Jane forgot her fear for the moment, as she wondered what the dogs were going to do. Then, Jane saw that there was a gasoline truck only ten feet from the fire! A plan suddenly began to shape itself in her mind: If I could get Jewl to jump over the fire, she could fetch the sprinkler on the other
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