Dog Dutchie Research Paper

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This is a pic collage that I made of my puppy Dutch. These are all pictures of my three year old dog being himself. His full name is Dutch Netherland Dahlin and he is my violin for several reasons. One of the reasons that Dutchie is my violin is that he is always happy and always loves you. He never gets mad, and hardly ever gets sad. He is a great companion and even though he doesn't talk, he is really good at listening to me when I just need to vent about something. Yes, he can be frustrating especially when he barks at his own reflection, but he does not do it to be annoying, he's just being curious.

In the book when the violinist, Juliek, still has his violin after everything he had gone through at the concentration camps, the violin looks like his symbol of death. If i was in this position i would choose Dutchie in a heartbeat. When juliek dies, his violin gets trampled by the other Jews and dies with him. I know that it is not really possible because dogs have a shorter life expectancy than humans, but I still think of him as my violin. …show more content…

I feed him when he's hungry, give him water when he's thirsty, I take him on walks and play with him and his toys. He loves anyone that gives him treats and plays with him and I am definitely in that category. He is a very spoiled dog, but he deserves it because he makes my family

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