Dog Training

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We all want a well behaved dog; especially if you have children, neighbors, family, and possibly a girl/guy friend. So what are the basics to a good dog?
There are many things every dog should know, but sadly as we all know there are a lot of things
(that are very important) that most dogs don't know.
What it all comes down to is the trust an bond you have with your dog,
Remember, a good dog doesn't do tricks, a good dog listens and obeys out of respect not fear or dominance.
Step 1"No" & "Yes!"

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The 1st "No" is not "NO!" and "Yes" should be "YES!!"
When we first get our dogs we like to make sure they know who's boss. "No!" This word is thrown around very loosely around dogs.
My belief is "No!" should be
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i can quickly give the command of "Leave it!" and my pack will walk around it.
Now don't expect your dog to completely leave any object alone after this command. They will usually continue to try to sniff and look interested in the object (they'e a lot like kids.) Don't get upset when this happens as long as they aren't trying to bite, chew, or pick up the object they listened to your command.
This also works well i you have small children, your dog might try to sniff their face.

The easiest way to teach your dog this command is to:
1. Put a toy in front of the dog
2. As soon as your dog attempts to sniff it; brush his nose away with your hand while giving the command.
3. Once your dog's eyes leave the object and look at you or somewhere else give the dog a reward. (This make take a while depending on how determined and play driven your dog is. Be patient)
Step 5"Stay back!"
This command is often used to keep a dog from bolting out the door.
It's very simple to teach.

1. Grab the handle of your door, if your dog runs in front of you, his nose against the door. Or he is right at your heals; toss back your foot gently, and tell him to "Stay back"
2. Your dog may simply ignore you and keep trying to push his way out. So don't open the door, just grab the handle and give it a twist, if he remains calm and keeps his distance, reward
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