Doing Sports And FFA In High School

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In junior high I was a shy kid, I didn't go out of my way to talk to people, I didn't hang out with friends, and I would have rather had to write a 3 page essay than give a presentation in front of my class of only 15 people. Doing Sports and FFA in high school changed all of that for me. First it was Volleyball, because in Volleyball if you don't have communication you have nothing. It forced me to talk to my teammates.. Not only was I forced to communicate by the nature of the game but by my will to get better. I was constantly asking my teammates and my coach how I could improve and it caused me to have more confidence talking to them outside of Volleyball. Throughout the years it has continuously helped me be able to communicate and achieve …show more content…

I learned how to teach people things. If you've never done that before, let me tell you it's an empowering feeling. I learned about hard work. Through FFA i’ve learned how hard you have to work to do the things you want to do. I've helped fund raise the money to go on all of the FFA trips we have went on, as well as mentally challenged myself by individually planning, organizing and overseeing fund raisers. After joining FFA I joined track. Track has taught me so much about hard work as well, because for me track is something I’ve had to work at. I'm a six boot tall clumsy girl so in order to go fast I first had to figure out how to get all of my body parts headed in the same direction. My favorite race is the 400 meter dash, which most people don't enjoy because it's a super long sprint. I've worked really hard at it the past three years and i just keep improving at it. My sophomore year at one of my meets I improved my 400 time by 5 seconds! and if you have ever ran track you would know that's actually quite a bit. after that it changed my whole perspective of life. It taught me that I can do anything that I set my mind

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