Domestic Violence : A Part Of Culture

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To this day, domestic violence is seen to be a part of culture in many countries. Some people view domestic violence as unjust and cruel, yet many see it as a form of power and control over another. Domestic violence plays a key role in different societies around the world as it is becoming a social norm. Domestic violence frequently begins when one partner feels the need to control the other. This feeling is sprouted from several factors such as jealousy, low self-esteem, and difficulties in regulating one’s emotions and anger, or when one feels inferior because of his or her education or socioeconomic background (Goldsmith). Researchers state that men with tradition beliefs tend to think they have power over women and that they are inferior to men, which is followed by many stereotypes today. Stereotypes about the “proper” roles in society differ between men and women due to the cultural beliefs that men are superior which is evident in many family structures around the world. These stereotypes “reinforce the view that the family is a self-contained unit, deserving privacy at the expense of other rights and freedoms” (Minnesota Advocates for Human Rights). Traditionally, women are downgraded to inferior positions in this family structure; however, for victims of domestic violence, this idea of family privacy interferes with operative police involvement and prosecutorial decisions in domestic violence cases. In many countries, people who are interviewed report that the
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