Domestic Violence As A Victim Of Domestic Abuse

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Introduction Although we lost Ellen Pence, a woman who changed how domestic violence is addressed, in 2012, there are many lives that are being saved to this day because of her work. Ellen Pence found her calling in 1977 when she began working for the Minneapolis Housing Authority that helped individuals relocate with housing complications (StarTribune, 2010). It was then that she immersed herself through domestic violence cases and set the standard for addressing these cases. Ellen Pence is especially known for establishing the Duluth Program, a program that address batterers in the court systems, and Praxis Training, which are training on addressing domestic violence for law enforcement, advocates, community agencies, and institutions. Pence’s 35 years of service change the way domestic violence cases were handled, educated key players in domestic violence cases, and showed the world what it was like to be a victim of domestic abuse. Without her efforts, many individuals in power addressing these cases would be lost and those to who are victims would not be understood as they are today.
Duluth Program
Pence established the Duluth program at the Domestic Abuse Intervention Project (DAIP) in Duluth, Minnesota. The Duluth model can be described as a “men’s re-education curriculum” and an intervention model that addresses women’s safety by modifying and coordinating the “procedures, practices, and discernments” of the involved parties of domestic violence cases, such…
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