Domestic Violence Presentation Of Doreen Lesane

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Domestic Violence Presentation

Doreen Lesane – What is Domestic Violence? Tools and Technique
The first guest speaker to present was Doreen Lesane, an Advocate against Domestic Violence. She gave a general power point presentation on what domestic violence is and how to properly assist a client in that predicament. She goes on to explain that domestic abuse and domestic violence are consider two different forms under the law. The law does not recognize domestic abuse as a criminal act and is categorize as nonphysical form of abuse. As a social worker our goals is not to get the client to flea an abuse relationship but to provided serveries to better Accommodate client by helping them create safety nets. Prof. Elaine Reid makes a startling claim, woman are more likely to be murder when they are trying to leave an abuse spouse, and this is also refer as separation violence. Nevertheless it is important not to judge these individual and to handle the case in a professional matter. As social workers it is essential that we safety guide our client with their approval, out of domestic situation by providing resource, support, understanding and professional services.
Two Main points: What is domestic violence and how to help clients create safety nets?

Andre Ward - Osborne Association Andre Ward was one out of four students who ever attended the first social work program created in Medgar’s ever Institution. He was force to give a brief highlight of his current

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