Domestic Violence Is Not A Private Matter

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Domestic violence can be defined as an outrage violence attack. Domestic violence occurs when a spouse wants to have to control their attacker life. He gains this control when the emotional, physically beat her controlling. Every day some abuse person died at the hands of their attacker. However, only a few lived to tell their stories. On every hour, a victim is brought to the hospital being brutal abuse. Nathaniel Fields states” Domestic abuse is not a private matter; it’s a crime.” I am a victim of domestic violence. I have experimented the outcry, pain, and the torment. I was beaten for six-half years by my ex-husband. I married my ex-husband March 16, 1976. While I were attended high school. Five months after I graduated from High school my ex-husband started beating me severance. I didn’t know what were in stored until after the fact. I thought that if I got marry life would be like a fairy tale. My mother didn’t want me to get married. I had to learn the hard way, my ex-was very jealous. I was beaten by my husband every two weeks. I didn’t have a small bruise, I had big bruises, which I couldn’t hide. I would have black eyes, my ex would choke me. He cut me, I have a third-degree burn mark on my right leg. The harsh crime of being abuse when I could not hide. The Physical abuse would always start out with his jealous rage. I couldn’t get away from him. We had moved to a town that wasn’t my hometown; I didn’t know anyone there. I had no one to run to
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