Domestic Violence : Societal Perspective

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Domestic Violence A Societal Perspective
Everyone is different with a unique set of values which shapes our beliefs and views that affect our personal behavior. Domestic violence can happen to anyone no matter the race, ethnicity, or social economic status. According to Babcock, Gree, and Robie (2004), domestic violence is a learned behavior and is defined by the North Carolina Coalition Against Domestic Violence (2014) as “ … a pattern of domination in which perpetrators intentionally choose to cause fear, injury, and/or pain in order to gain and maintain power and control over their partners.” When defining the parties involved in domestic violence disputes, a batterer and/or victim can be male or female. For the purpose of research results we will discuss the batterer being male and the victim as female. The process of understanding domestic violence includes understanding societal norms, the batterer’s perspective and the victim’s perspective. We will also examine the use of power and control, characteristic of a batterer, …process of understanding domestic violence from a batterer’s and victim’s perspective, societal norms, and services offered for the batterer and victim.
Social Norms
Each situation within society has its own guidelines to follow and is determined based on the particular group. Wesley Perkins and Alan Berkowitz founded the social norms theory in 1986. The social norms theory, are rules that a group use to determine behaviors, attitudes,…
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