Domestic Violence Young People Outreach

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Domestic Violence Young People Outreach (YPO) is an organisation set out to help young females, aged 12-18, who have, or are going through, domestic violence. This includes emotional, economic, sexual and physical abuse. It is based on the belief that everyone has the right to feel safe and empowered without violence or the fear of violence. The arms that branch out from the basis of the organisation include assessment and referral, life skills and prevention and intervention. The purpose of this essay is to examine the aspects that make up this organisation. This will be done by looking at the advantages and disadvantages of a not for profit and incorporated organisation and why we as a group chose these factors. The model rules will…show more content…
This is a significant benefit as owners of the organisation will not be liable to pay for debts to the organisation such as fines and outstanding fees. Another advantage is the opportunity to assist the community via funds and volunteer work. However, with advantages come disadvantages. Some of the disadvantages surrounding this matter include having higher compliance costs and there being limited funding (Government of South Australia, 2015). The group decided on a not for profit for YPO due to a number of reasons. The main reason we chose this component is because in NPO, the surplus gets put back into the organisation to further achieve the proposed goal. Our agenda for YPO is focused on the community and helping those in need. We are not an organisation that focuses on making a money and profit.

An incorporated association is a legal structure that has its own legal existence separate from its members (Bawtree and Kirkland 2012). It is used in relation to NPO. Incorporated organisations are given legal advantages in return for taking certain legal responsibilities. Incorporated organisations in Queensland must comply with the Associations Incorporation Act 1981 and adhere to certain obligations and responsibilities. This act allows NPO to incorporate as legal bodies and limit the liability of members for
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