Domino Effect of Climate Change

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With the change of global climate worldwide, countries around the world will start to see a domino effect. Canada and other Northern countries will eventually be an area of rapid disease growth to foreign and new emerging diseases (Greer & Ng et al., 2008). The main reason why these diseases will start to rapidly spread is the topic of more extreme temperatures and extreme weather, both caused by climate change. The numbers of new emerging diseases are unknown, but researchers have found that existing disease within Canada will grow rapidly, and other foreign disease will make its way into Canadian territory (McMichael, Woodruff, & Hales, 2006). The number of areas in how they spread will increase, and this will affect who is at risk for health problems. Even though the range of increase of disease is unknown, the Canadian Health Organization has already started to prompt health care systems for when this does happen (Mcmichael & Woodruff et al., 2006). There are three areas in which disease will spread due to higher temperatures and more extreme weather; the first of three is through Food-borne diseases (Greer & Ng et al., 2008). When temperatures increase, every disease that arises within Food-borne disease related to bacteria will increase (Greer & Ng et al., 2008). This is because higher temperatures allow for the replication cycle of bacteria to increase, which will cause more outbreaks of that particular disease (Haines, & Patz, 2004). A good example of this is the
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