Don John Character Analysis

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When thinking about the well known comedy Much Ado About Nothing, by William Shakespeare the audience is quick to focus on the wit and comedy that the play has to offer, rather than the understated villain who easily disappears in the background. While reading the play, one can posit that Don John is not the typical villain who acts with a specific motive in mind, rather, he is acting out of an obligation he feels to serve as an antagonist considering his position as a bastard. This is demonstrated in his dialogue, which reveals his inner turmoil on being chained to the villainous role and his willingness to act on any malicious opportunity that presents itself to him. This is significant in that, it provides another layer to our villain and causes the audience to think beyond the first layer that is easily presented, and into the true inner motives of the character.

Don John claims that the resentment people have towards him is rooted in the fact that he is a bastard and any friendly intentions towards him are fraudulent ones. From the beginning of the play Don John does not come across as a friendly figure, especially compared to the rest of the soldiers that come with the party to Messina in a flourish of good and excitement. As Leonato welcomes the party he seems to implicate that he is extending the welcome on to Don John, because of his relationship with Don Pedro, the prince and his brother. Don John remarks in a conversation, “ better fits my blood to

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