Don T Tell Persuasive Speech

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It's finally time for you to head off to basic training where you will be stationed thousands of miles away from your home and family because you want to serve and protect your country. It's going to be a struggle to leave everything you love behind but that's a sacrifice you have to make. Months into training you´ve put your energy into combat and have made great friendships and have come to know each other well, but you stay guarded because of the secret that could get you discharged. You´ve been out to your family and friends for quite awhile, and they accepted you ,but the same won't happen in this case. The D.A.D.T or The Don't Ask, Don't Tell policy allows gays to serve in the armed forces as long as they never acknowledge or tell anyone…show more content…
For the next year you stay to yourself because you have seen what the other men do to the accused “gay” soldier. Why should you have to hide from who you are when all you want to do is serve your country like them. When families come to visit you have no one because you can't expose your relationship. When you finally get stationed your spouse and any children you have are not eligible for housing, insurance, health care or any other benefit. That was the struggle that many gay soldiers had to go through just to sacrifice their lives for those against them.

The gay rights movement dates back to Victorian England and Germany in the nineteenth century where the concept that gay persons are normal people and new laws prohibiting their freedom were discriminatory first arose. Military law prior to World War 1 did not addresses homosexuality but commanders had the power to set laws, discipline, and regulate their troops however they pleased. The Articles of War of 1916 stated that sodomy did not exist so no punishment could be carried out. Succeeding WW1 the Articles of War of 1920 named sodomy as an specific offense. World War 2, the height on the issue of gays in the military set a path for a new age gay movement Love of the Same . The 1960s birthed the age of a more liberal nation, Women's Liberation
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