Don 't Drop Out By Article

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Congratulations on getting your article “Don’t Drop Out” published. After reading the piece it has for certain committed me to finishing my undergraduate degree. I’m sure it is going to have the same impact on almost all your readers. I say this with full confidence because you are speaking from personal experience as someone who was on the verge of dropping out but decided to stay in the fight till the end. You’ve produced an effective article and I wouldn’t change much to it. As a fellow colleague and writer I do have some minor suggestions for you to consider. I would like to thank you once again for giving me this chance to offer you my opinion on your article.

You start off your article by sharing your experience with the readers, who are most likely college students and possibly some that are contemplating about dropping out. This allows you to establish credibility with the reader right away and gain their attention. Then you go on to offer reasons why you should stay in college or drop out. You give reasons from both sides of the fence and elaborate on how you decided to stay in school out of understanding all the benefits to be gained. Hence the reason you’re writing this article so other students can learn from your experience and attain the same understanding. Then you go on to explain in detail the value of a college education versus dropping out and joining some start up company. Your article was effective in accomplishing its goal. Which I think is to

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